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Premium IPTV for Canada Countdown

iptv canada subscription


So your wondering whats the best IPTV subscription while living in the the beautiful country of Canada. Well there area a number of IPTV subscription based services there that offer a great selection of channels. Everything from Canadian Channels to American Channels and even WorldWide. The best thing about IPTV in Canada is that you can carry if where ever you go and you never have to worry about not getting reception. Like come on right, its not like the olden days.

So What IPTV Subscription should I get?

Well thats completely up to you and what you want. A lot of people that live in Canada want to get all there local channels. That sometimes can be hard with an IPTV Canada Subscription, as they don’t always have every local channels. For example, sometimes you might get the Toronto CTV and CBC channels, but if you are living down the east coast then you may not get CBC halifax or CBC Prince Edward Island. If your from Newfoundland though, you can be sure to get your old back home channel of NTV.

When it comes to IPTV I would have to suggest taking a look at the channel line ups that each company has to offer. Unfortunately with just a quick google you will find out that there aint to many companies out there that can offer everything. I have personally had subscription with IPGUYS and RocketStreams. GOLDTV is just garbage, ans SETNOW is another garbage site. But that is just my personal opinion. Your welcome to check them out yourself. I think Setnow is even out of business they were so bad.

iptv canada question mark

So how to make a decision?

Honestly if I were you I would check out RocketStreams. They will certainly have what you are looking for, and you cant go wrong. Those guys have been around the block once or twice and certainly know how to manage there IPTV Servers to give a really top notch service.

This article might help you out some, but in the end its personally up to you on what you do. Choose Wisely!


How to Install Kodi Addons like Exodus?

exodus addon main image

The First Steps about Installing a Kodi Addon


Learning how to install addons like exodus can be somewhat trick from time to time. A lot of the times things get changed like the repository and the zip file databases, the list can just go on and on. I am going to be frank, I have checked out a lot of websites on the internet, and it seems as if I get the same regurgetated content. All of them directing me to the same crappy repo URL that does not work. So the first thing you wanted to do when checking for a good source to install an kodi addon. It would be making sure the repository is good. Otherwise you are just going to waste your time.

kodi repository url check

This is a screenshot of how a good kodi repository check looks like. This is what you should see.


How to check if a REPO URL is good?

The first things I do when sourcing out information to install kodi addons is check to see if a repository url is good. Because a lot of the time you spend going down through the whole tutorial to find out that the url dont work and you cant go through with the installation. So the first thing you need to do is check to see if the link is live. The easy method to do this is to copy and paste the url in the address bar. It should take you to a simple page with a web directory listed there. If it does not and you get a 404, 403 error, then you know the link is down and your going to have to find another source or repo url. I personally just on to the next tutorial I see.

How to Find a Good Source for Kodi Tutorials?


There are several ways you can source out good tutorials. I personally just use my old friend Google. It seems to do a good job with finding decent rankings. If you search terms like Best kodi addons, best kodi builds, kodi tutorials, etc. Then you will certainly find something. For example when looking for the exodus addon tutorial. I just searched “How To install exodus on kodi” and it gave a decent listing of tutorials for the installation of exodus.

installing the exodus addon

So whats my favorite source for Kodi tutorials?

I personally use a website called BestBox also called These guys are the best I have seen for tutorials and there website has a nice layout. If you search up top on the navigation bar, you can check out tons of of the top kodi builds. Plus its just super easy to get move around the site to find the content you want. I really like this website and its my go to source now for finding top tutorials. When I was looking for the exodus addon, I just searched how to install exodus on kodi bestbox and it poped up instantly. Feel free to check the link out as well. Its a great tutorial.

One of the greatest things l do like about BestBox is that they also give you top knowledge of Android Boxes, IPTV boxes and everything else under the sun that pertains to your entertainment needs. They even teach you how to install kodi builds. Anyway, I think I got my point across. If your looking for a great website to learn how to install kodi addons and kodi builds then check them out.


Tracy Miles – The poorest blogger



The True Benefits of An Android Box – Honest 2018 Review


best android tv box to get 2018

The Android television box is really a helpful bit of kit which connects to the television via the HDMI interface to supply the majority of the qualities of all Android. This form of create is very elastic and easily connects to most TVs with the ideal interface and will be a good deal less costly than a more wise television. Listed below are a Couple of of the benefits of utilizing the Android Television box:

Infinite programs

Probably one among the most valued benefits is that the capacity to install and use the endless programs which are currently accessible on the Android operating platform. By seeing the Google Play store employing the online connection, it’s likely to put in the most recent programs associated with not multimedia articles, but also sound editing software, games, novels, magazines, sending email, or even registering up into societal networking reports, like facebook and Twitter.

Television service

By linking the Android television box into your television in the home via the net; it can also be feasible for connecting with additional devices in your house, like the ones which use technologies such as air-play, Miracast, DLNA, or even many others that work using Android. I personally think bestbox is a great place to get the best android tv box.┬áThis causes it to be quite elastic to share with you a variety of forms of multimedia with the television. For example, it’s feasible for a Android harmonious tablet computer or smartphone to socialize and get a grip on the television whilst at the same time giving the choice to share files having a notebook or even see a downloaded show or even a picture on the massive screen. In general, such a installation provides easy gate way to acquire the net on the television.

t96 android box

Fantastic cost

The expense of updating a normal television to gain from all of the likelihood of Android is relatively inexpensive in comparison to purchasing a wise television. Plus, the combined common television and Android television box may provide far more compared to the standalone SMART-TV.

Routine updates

The Android os is upgraded on an everyday basis, so the latest edition of a match, application, or platform is always offered. Plus, that is normally done mechanically so there’s not any requirement to maintain looking for upgrades when logged in to the program shop. That is far more suitable than the usual wise television that could take some time to get upgrades, specially if every new television has to get its upgrade created and published.

In general, the Android television Box makes it feasible to delight in the flexibility and connectivity of Android to a typical television setup.

Hope you enjoyed my article.


Tracy Miles

Not Every Android Box is Equal

android box
It is very important to be aware that not all Android television boxes are created equal. You could have to get if that is what you’ll require a box which affirms over 1GB RAM. Ostensibly, you need to know very well what functionalities you are taking a look at before spending money. The reason why this Android TV box is popular is as the devices arrive with a lot of restrictions. These apparatus cater to certain platforms only. This product has access to functions and apps that you could find on android devices. It is equipped to run a variety of games Android programs and even a browser. The question is should you purchase an Android TV box? You may not have the ability to steer clear of it, with the assortment of functions that it can perform, for example programs out of Google Play store. They are reliable and also their hardware is equally as superior since the Roku or Apple TV. The distant is very good and they have the ability to play with a video that is 1080p pretty smoothly.

T96 4K box pic

Android TV boxes have suddenly become extremely popular. Although lots of set top boxes have been sold by companies like Apple and Roku, still another option has hit the market – the Android TV box. Also known as a ‘GoogleTV’ or even XBMC Steaming player, these apparatus are simple. They are offered for as little as $60 as much as $100. Understand your requirement As a result of popular demand, the market for Android TV boxes keeps now growing. But the problem is the place to obtain quality products, because the majority of the people are lackluster. You can, however, get them out of web stores. There are. They have been cheap, maybe not just a deal breaker and run for a long time. This apparatus has a benefit within an HDMI stick. While such as the rod you want atleast a USB hub in order for it to be more useful, the box has extra connectivity choices. These devices are a excellent investment. Could buy more straightforward devices. It’s like the distinction between having a mobile with push buttons and you with a feeling monitor. Which technology do you prefer? This android device is a little box-shaped product that is two inches tall and about 5 inches wide. Benefits of Purchasing Android Television Box

What do I buy?

t95 android box pic

So what do I buy?


The box is very simple to prepare. Connected to a TV using an HDMI port that it is preparing to boot up and the system should be plugged into a power supply. These apparatus run-on Android. Certainly one of the primary advantages of an Android-powered TV box are the capabilities of this device. Videos, movies and images are readily transferred from the PC to the device via Bluetooth or USB. Although the box is not as successful as a high end phone computer or a tablet computer, they have been capable of running the vast majority of programs offered in the program market.

The utilization of the net as a media source means that which can be watched online, from pictures to niche-market shows that are even . This makes the cable television obsolete. It seems now that the entertainment televisions will have broadband links serving the content from across the entire world. The box will leave satellite tv networks that are old obsolete from the a long time.

You can find features galore!

Possess the Capability of utilizing net right from the TV. Ever considered playing with them, while you might like playing Android games on your cellular phone? The set-top box is equipped with a infrared detector bar. It is convenient to play with classic games too.The gadget is a great investment. The technology make the watching experience totally different. Your videos and movies can be directly watched from the storage or streamed from internet sources like YouTube, and much more.

How do you set this up?
Share your favourite sites and news from your room with your family and friends. A Android television delivers everything a Android apparatus can do, but on a big tv screen. Be it playing games or browsing the net, there is. What you want to run an Android TV box is simply an online connection and a HDMI television. Then, the web world can be by the convenience of your own sofa at your fingertips.

operating system for android tv

Getting back to the basics

An Android television box is exactly like a phone that is intelligent. With the Android operating system running, it’s not hard to download and load games , apps, software as well as services. Quite Android television boxes present a new generation of set-top boxes that is similar to tv sets. Android TV offers users using a vast assortment of smart TV solutions. It’s simple. You get more entertainment and more instruction solutions compared to the traditional TV.
The Android television supports higher definition video playback, flash, web browsing and over 500,000 programs and matches out of the Android sector. The range wont allow you to keep away from this for long. The remote is great, and video is played.


Tracy Miles

The Finest Android TV Games

whats and android tv box

The box is not difficult to set up. The device should be plugged to a power supply in order that it is ready to bootup, and connected to your television using an HDMI port. Android is generally RunOn by these apparatus. Certainly one of the benefits of an Android powered TV box will be the assorted capacities of this device. Movies, images and videos can be easily moved into the device via USB or Bluetooth. They have been fully capable of running the most vast majority of programs out there in the program market even though box is not as successful as a tablet computer or even a high end phone.
The wide spread utilization of the web as a media source means that which can be watched on the web, from pictures to even specialized niche shows. This creates the cable television obsolete. It appears that the entertainment televisions will probably have broadband connections serving the content from round the globe. The box will leave old satellite tv networks obsolete in the a long time. There are features galore!

Possess the convenience of utilizing internet right from the Television While you might enjoy playing Android games onto your cellular phone, ever thought of playing them? The settop box is equipped with a infrared sensor pub. It’s convenient to play classic matches in addition. The device is a wonderful investment for men and wo

operating system on android box

men who love to amuse themselves. The tech presented through they make the watching experience different. Your favourite videos and pictures may be directly observed from the text or streamed out of sources like YouTube, and more. Check out the benefits you get How do you set this up? Share your favourite sites and news from the room with your family members members and friends. A Android TV delivers every thing an Android apparatus can perform, but on a tv screen. Be it playing games or surfing the world wide web, there is alot you can perform. What you want to run an Android TV box is an online connection and a HDMI TV. Afterward, the whole world can be at your hands. Getting back into the basics S. Chakarbarti is the public relationship manager of Chinavasion: the leading retail and dropship company situated in China. Chinavasions sells Android TV box at wholesale costs from China Electronics.


An Android television box is much such as a phone. With a tv running the Android operating system, it’s simple to load and uninstall software, apps, games and services. Quite Android television boxes present a brand new generation of settop boxes which can be similar to tv collections. Android TV offers users using a wide assortment of TV solutions that are smart. It’s simple. You obtain more entertainment and more education solutions than with a conventional television. The Android TV supports higher definition 1080p video playback, flash, web browsing and more than 500,000 programs and games out of the Android market. The number wont let you keep away from it for long. The remote is great, and video is played.


Thanks for reading my blog post & come back again.

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