How to build a Radio Station online!

Quite often either because of a shortage of FM frequencies available, cost limitations, or as a means of testing the waters before committing to a FM radio station installation, it’s possible to start up an internet streaming radio station as opposed to a conventional broadcasting station. An internet streaming radio channel can be as simple as a completely computer based program, where music is only played back along with occasional station IDs. Alternatively you may opt for a more comprehensive setup, which could include other gear like a mixing desk, microphones, music, audio equipment, compression equipment, sound cables, cd player, phone in system, headphones, mic stands, etc..

When it comes to how to begin an internet streaming radio station you have available a vast assortment of options to select from. You have to consider what format you want to broadcast, in addition to the audio quality you desire. The higher the audio quality, the more info you may use. Note too, that if you are likely to use your current internet connection for downloading documents whilst you are also streaming, to ensure you have enough bandwidth available. If you run out of bandwidth, then your streaming station may be affected.

If it comes to the gear for your internet streaming radio channel, it’s possible to get it setup using very basic equipment, which is not possible when setting up a channel broadcasting on an FM frequency. For a more advanced, professional looking streaming radio station, the equipment you might have in your studio could include: pc, automation software, mixing desk, radios, apparatus to take phone calls on air, CD player and compression equipment.

The monthly cost for maintaining your internet streaming radio channel on the world wide web is also fairly low. Bear in mind that in most countries there are penalties payable to the audio licensing organisations to cover royalties for the songs you play on air. Besides that, your only other likely costs are going to be electricity, internet connection, flow hosting and website hosting costs.

The way streaming functions is that you run the channel, play music, speak to the microphones, etc.. This sound is then relayed to your computer and then sent from your computer to the flow hosting company server. When folks listen to a station on the internet, they are in fact receiving the sound not directly from the computer, but rather from the streaming server. This approach significantly enhances your performance and that means your connection rate won’t slow down when you have several listeners. If folks wish to follow your station they just go to your site and click on a link to activate the flow.