How to Install Kodi Addons like Exodus?

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The First Steps about Installing a Kodi Addon


Learning how to install addons like exodus can be somewhat trick from time to time. A lot of the times things get changed like the repository and the zip file databases, the list can just go on and on. I am going to be frank, I have checked out a lot of websites on the internet, and it seems as if I get the same regurgetated content. All of them directing me to the same crappy repo URL that does not work. So the first thing you wanted to do when checking for a good source to install an kodi addon. It would be making sure the repository is good. Otherwise you are just going to waste your time.

kodi repository url check

This is a screenshot of how a good kodi repository check looks like. This is what you should see.


How to check if a REPO URL is good?

The first things I do when sourcing out information to install kodi addons is check to see if a repository url is good. Because a lot of the time you spend going down through the whole tutorial to find out that the url dont work and you cant go through with the installation. So the first thing you need to do is check to see if the link is live. The easy method to do this is to copy and paste the url in the address bar. It should take you to a simple page with a web directory listed there. If it does not and you get a 404, 403 error, then you know the link is down and your going to have to find another source or repo url. I personally just on to the next tutorial I see.

How to Find a Good Source for Kodi Tutorials?


There are several ways you can source out good tutorials. I personally just use my old friend Google. It seems to do a good job with finding decent rankings. If you search terms like Best kodi addons, best kodi builds, kodi tutorials, etc. Then you will certainly find something. For example when looking for the exodus addon tutorial. I just searched “How To install exodus on kodi” and it gave a decent listing of tutorials for the installation of exodus.

installing the exodus addon

So whats my favorite source for Kodi tutorials?

I personally use a website called BestBox also called These guys are the best I have seen for tutorials and there website has a nice layout. If you search up top on the navigation bar, you can check out tons of of the top kodi builds. Plus its just super easy to get move around the site to find the content you want. I really like this website and its my go to source now for finding top tutorials. When I was looking for the exodus addon, I just searched how to install exodus on kodi bestbox and it poped up instantly. Feel free to check the link out as well. Its a great tutorial.

One of the greatest things l do like about BestBox is that they also give you top knowledge of Android Boxes, IPTV boxes and everything else under the sun that pertains to your entertainment needs. They even teach you how to install kodi builds. Anyway, I think I got my point across. If your looking for a great website to learn how to install kodi addons and kodi builds then check them out.


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